Tennis Newfoundland and Labrador (TNL) is the sanctioning body for the sport of tennis in Newfoundland and Labrador and is mandated with the responsibility to oversee the selection and training of the Canada Games team.  TNL is governed by the duly elected Board of Directors and the named selection committee has prepared this document to inform all interested athletes and parents on its selection criteria and program outline for the 2025 Canada Summer Games.

The Summer Canada Games are held every four years and are meant to showcase provincial athletes in the various sanctioned sports including the sport of tennis. The protocol and specific team composition is mandated by the Canada Games technical package and all Provinces and Territories must adhere to this.  The composition of the team and the actual event are controlled by The Canada Games. TNL’s mandate is to develop a training program and selection criteria for the team that is fair and transparent while meeting the stated objectives and values as determined by the TNL board.

The TNL board in cooperation with, the coaching staff has designed this program to ensure a fair and transparent process that respects the individual’s right to participate and the objectives and values that TNL has presented.

Enclosed please find our selection criteria and training program outline. We publish this with the intention to ensure a high level of transparency and fair selection criteria for all interested athletes and parents.

Objectives and Values

TNL is desirous to develop a competitive team with the objective to improve our results from previous years and to do so in a manner that provides for a fair and inclusive process. The values that TNL wishes to bring to the Canada Games team are, to field the most competitive team from the eligible athletes, to develop a positive team experience for all our potential athletes, and to provide a positive experience for all potential athletes.

TNL values the competitive nature of the Canada Games and our athletes’ ability to succeed but also believes that a cooperative and team building experience is part of that process for the long-term benefit of the sport.


The purpose of this document is to provide all potential participants with a clear understanding of the selection criteria and expectations of participants. Any questions should be directed to the TNL Executive Director Andy Ploughman


Telephone: (709) 746-7058

Team Composition

TNL will choose its initial training pool by February 2024 and this full roster will train year-round sessions through various Canada Games camps and tournaments.

The final team will consist of four (4) male and four (4) female players. The rules for age eligibility are as follows:

Two (2) Males and Two (2) Females 16 and under as of December 31, 2025

DATE OF BIRTH:  2009 or later*

Two (2) Males and Two (2) Females 18 and under as of December 31, 2025

DATE OF BIRTH:  2007 or later

*P/T teams are able to have 16U athletes compete as 18U during the event.

There will be two (2) singles players and two (2) doubles players within each gender as this is the format of play prescribed by the Canada Games Technical package for tennis.

There will be one (1) male and one (1) female alternate selected to train with the team but under Canada Games protocol the alternate shall not travel to the event or be eligible for official Canada Games team uniforms.

Team Staff:

One coach and one manager. At least one of these positions shall be help by a female.

Selection Committee

The TNL board has established a three (3) person selection committee for the 2025 Canada Summer Games Tennis team. It is comprised of the Head Pro for TNL (To be named) who serves as the head coach, the TNL President (Melissa Pine), and one independent TNL Board Member (Anita Pushpanathan). The TNL Board has removed itself from the selection process and all decisions of the Selection Committee have been duly authorized by the TNL Board to be final subject only to the provided Appeal Process.

The coaching staff will determine the individual player roles for singles or doubles, and this will be considered as part of the selection process to ensure the most competitive team is fielded. It should be noted that doubles players will be selected based upon their ability to play in that format and as a team, not necessarily on personal singles ability/achievements. The Selection Committee will have the final decision-making authority on these matters.

Selection Criteria

  1. Head-to-head results in sanctioned events including provincial tournaments, regional tournaments, Canada Games Ranking events, Tennis Canada tournaments, or any other sanctioned tournaments.
  2. Head-to-head results will, where applicable, be considered against players from other provinces as this may be indicative of potential results in the Canada Games format.  
  3. The player’s demonstrated commitment, work ethic, team spirit, positive attitude and attendance at Canada Games training programs and Selection Events.

Special Exemption Selection Criteria

  1. Demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Head Coach and selection committee through head-to-head play with other participants or potential participants that they have the skill level and competitive ability to improve the prospects of the team’s results.
  2. Any athlete moving into the province during the selection process can be included in the remainder of the training process if their level of competence is that of a Canada Games tennis player and deemed so by the coaching staff.

Key Timelines

1. Larger roster is selected for training poolFebruary 2024Players and Parents engaged/informed
2. Evaluation and training continuesFebruary 2024 – June 2025Player participation and evaluation continues
3. Canada Games ranking events or other tournaments as availableDuring Fall session as dictated by CoachesParticipation is mandatory in all Canada Games Ranking Tournaments unless exemption given by staff.
4. Final Team Selection  By the End of May 2025Core team and alternatives are named
5. Full Roster and Selected Team TrainingMay 2025Team trains and participates in selected events
6. Team competes in regional tournamentsJune /July 2025Final travelling team is confirmed
7. Team competes in Canada GamesAugust 20258 players travel and compete

Training Camps; Compliance for Selected Athletes

All selected athletes are expected to participate fully in the Canada Games training program and/or other Tennis Development program approved by the Selection Committee.  Players who do not participate fully in an approved program without the head coach’s approval or demonstrate poor team attitude or disruptive behavior shall be subject to potential removal from the team. If such a non-compliance is determined the Selection Committee will provide a first written notice, a warning, to the athlete outlining the concerns of the Selection Committee.  If after a reasonable time the Selection Committee is not satisfied that the athlete has corrected the non-compliance issues outlined in the first written notice a second and final notice shall be written to the athlete explaining the non-compliance issues still unresolved. If the Athlete does not clearly demonstrate corrective actions to the non-compliance issues in a reasonable time period and at the sole discretion of the Selection Committee the athlete will be removed from the core team.

Special Exemptions 

A Special Exemption will be considered for athletes under the following circumstances.

The athlete was injured and unable to participate in the programs and can provide evidence from a recognized medical professional.

The athlete is living and or training out of province, but still meets the eligibility criteria for participation in the Canada Games as outlined in the protocol.

Request for Special Exemptions

Athletes can by written notice to the Selection Committee apply for and be considered for a Special Exception within 30 days of public distribution of this selection criteria if an out of province student or if in the instance of an injury within 10 days of such injury. Any request for Special Exemption shall be considered by the Selection Committee and written notice shall be provided to the athlete within 20 days of the request. Granting of a Special Exemption does not determine the selection of an athlete to the team but only allows for the athlete to be considered for selection under the selection criteria as stated in the selection criteria section. Any athlete granted a Special Exemption will have to demonstrate that he or she will be available and or injury free to participate in the Canada Games and be available for a reasonable period of time to train with the team if required.

Appendix 1: Appeal Procedure

An appeal shall be heard ONLY on the grounds that the process and/or final decision were flawed, and not because the athlete did not agree with the selection.

The following scenarios would be eligible for appeal if an athlete felt that:

  1. The Canada Games Selection Committee failed to follow the procedures outlined in the Tennis Newfoundland and Labrador Selection Criteria.
  2. The Canada Games Selection Committee made a decision that was influenced by bias.
  3. The Canada Games Selection Committee failed to consider relevant information or considered irrelevant information in making a decision.
  4. The Canada Games Selection Committee exercised its discretion for an improper purpose.

Appeal Timelines

The entire appeal process will allow for the hearing and completion of the appeal no more than 14 days after receipt of the appeal request.   The athlete must present their request in writing to the Chair of Appeals Committee of Tennis Newfoundland and Labrador.  This written request must be forwarded to the Tennis Newfoundland and Labrador office by mail, courier, or e-mail.

Tennis Newfoundland’s Appeals Committee shall review the letter and decide whether the request has basis for a hearing.  They shall also review all selection documentation from the Canada Games Staff.

If there are no legitimate grounds, the Chair of the Appeals Committee shall call the athlete advising him/her of the decision.  This will be followed up by a formal letter to the individual.

If the Appeals committee feels there are grounds for an appeal hearing, the following procedures will take place:

  1. The Chair of the Appeals Committee shall select a designated location, date, and time to hear the appeal.  This will be completed no more than 48 hours after receipt of the appeal request.
  2. The Appeal Committee shall hear the athlete’s complaint.  He/she may be accompanied by an advocate (parent, guardian, legal advisor)
  3. The appeals Committee shall hear from the Canada Games Staff.
  4. The Appeals Committee shall make a final decision within three (3) days of the appeal hearing and the decision shall be final and binding.
  5. The Chair of the Appeals Committee will contact the coach no later than 24 hours after the decision has been rendered to advise him/her of the outcome.  This will be followed by a copy of the formal letter sent to the athlete and a copy of the appeal findings and recommendations.

The appeal committee shall be comprised of:

  1. Chair (TNL Board member) (with no conflict of interest)
  2. One Athlete Representative (former Canada Games Player)
  3. One other impartial individual