Tennis Newfoundland and Labrador: Open and Class-A Summer Circuit


Tournament Rules:

What is the difference between Open and Class-A?

Open events are open to all levels of play and is generally where the top, provincial level players are found. Class-A events have a cap of 4.0 NTRP rated players. Class-A events are a fantastic way for up-and-coming juniors, weekend warriors, and people who are entering competitive tennis for the first time get their feet wet and play more competitive matches. Players who are unsure what their NTRP rating is are encouraged to reach out to the tournament directors or register for both Open and Class-A events.

Points Breakdown:

Open/Class-A Champion: 100 pts

Open/Class-A Finalist: 70 pts

Open/Class-A Semi-Finalist: 50 pts

Open/Class-A Quarterfinalist: 25 pts

Open/Class-A Round of 16: 10 points

Open/Class-A Round of 32: 5 points

Consolation Match Win: 2 points


Tournament Schedule 2020