Memorial University Tennis Team is a proud member of the Atlantic University Tennis League (AUTL).  AULT competition is a team tennis format competition. The season is comprised of two regular season competitions and a championship.

2019-202 AUTL  Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador  (MUN) Tennis Team

©David Howells 2019


L-R Divya Mureli, Aimee Pugsley, Kendra Dyson, Emily Stokes, Emma Murray, Samanatha Vincent, Dennis Keaveney, Nicholas Vincent, Jummah Vigas, Kolin Kennedy (coach), David Summers

Missing: Josh Lehr, Kai Stephenson, Warren Dietrich

For more information about the team – please contact Dennis Keaveney ( or check out the AUTL website.

The team trains at the Green Belt Tennis Club in St. John’s and receives financial  support from Tennis Canada.