Tennis NL is proud to deliver Tennis for Schools, the national in-school teaching program.  It is a no-cost program offered to any school in the province.  Tennis NL  provides an on-site visit to your school at a convenient time for your class.

This program supports the development of fundamental movement skills related to the sport of tennis, while increasing student knowledge and appreciation for the sport. Developed through a cooperative partnership between Tennis Canada and Physical and Health Education Canada (PHE Canada), Tennis for Schools is designed for both generalist and specialist physical education teachers in Canadian elementary, middle, and junior high schools. It provides these teachers with the knowledge and tools so that they can introduce their students to the exciting potential that tennis offers in promoting lifelong physical activity and participation in sport.

Find further information about the program, Program Benefits and Resources for Teachers click on the Tennis Canada link – Tennis for Schools 

Not sure if your child’s school offers this exciting program? Call the school.

Teachers can contact us directly to schedule a school visit! To reserve a school tennis visit, please contact Mike Meaney at or by telephone 709-330-1611