Luck is the residue of hard work; work harder than the next person and opportunities will present themselves to you and you will be ready.

If you want to succeed at work; sport and life you must write down your goals and review them daily.  Then work hard everyday to achieve that goal.

With tennis, as in many sports we sit on the shoulders of those before us.  We can use these examples of past success stories as pathways to our own success and know it is possible to achieve a Provincial Championship, an Atlantic or National Championship, a College Scholarship or your hearts desire.

Billy Jean King, 45 years ago started out as a Professional Trailblazer for tennis and Mentor to many.  She wasn’t paid well back in her day.   Billy Jean and 8 other women talked to the Tennis Association, of the time, and formed their own professional tour –  WTA tour.   They started with a signed $1.00 contract. Today players compete for 132 million in prize money.  Billy Jean King believed in herself and her sport and went the extra mile to reward us with the change in Women’s Tennis we reap today.

Melissa won her first Medal when she was 6 or 7 years of age and she still remembers that moment as she goes on to work at a world class level with the WTA.

You must have fun!   Do what you love and love what you do and it will never feel like work.

Notes by Angela Wilcox