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How to Register

Registration for all of our events is administered through Tennis Canada’s online system. You will need an individual account for each player in your household. Membership for all Tennis NL players is FREE, and you will only be required to pay fees if the event you enter has a registration fee.


“How do I register for an event?”

  • LOG IN to the Tennis Canada Tournament site.
  • Search for the event you are looking for. It is easy to narrow down by selecting Newfoundland only. Also be sure that under TOURNAMENT TYPE you have selected all to see all event results.
  • Select ONLINE entry. You will be prompted through the system and asked for your payment at the end of the registration process. All payments are collected securely online through PayPal.

“I don’t think I have an account”

  • Double check first! You want to ensure that you only have one Tennis Canada profile to keep rankings accurate. Using the search bar, enter your name; select PLAYERS from the drop down menu and SEARCH. If your name appears, you have an account. Please follow the password retrieval process to access your account.
  • If you cannot find your name, you need an account.

There are Six Steps to create an account:

  • PROVINCES: Select ‘TENNIS NL’ (as your provincial organization – click on the arrow)
  • RULES AND REGULATION: Read and accept the user agreement
  • PROFILE: Fill in your contact information
  • MEMBERSHIP: Select your specific Membership Type, Select NL – All Regions, Select your specific Club
  • ACCOUNT: Create your login ID, password, add your email address etc.
  • PAY MEMBERSHIP: This step is required to complete your account, however no payment required as all TNL memberships are free!

Once you have completed these steps, an email with an activation link will be sent to you from the Tennis Canada Tournament Software account. Please follow the link in the email, in order to ACTIVATE your account. This process is only completed once per player during your first event registration. Keep your account info for future event registrations.

You should now be able to log into your Tennis NL account and register for events!